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Battleground Frontlines mod  


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06/12/2018 4:45 am  

Hi, I would like to know how to contact the Battleground Frontline devs. It is a WW2 mod for Battlefield 2 and I think the developers came from BG42.


I would like to ask for permission to use their assets for a map I´m making for the BF2 WW2 mod: Forgotten Hope 2.


This is my e-mail:


Thank you

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08/12/2018 11:41 am  

* Battlegroup Frontlines

Maybe you want to read this "lost" article from the old BattleGroup42's website:

And as already said by those FH2 betatesters in FH2 forum, please remove those BGF content from your custom map until you get a permission to use it.

Best of luck for your Berlin map!

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