BattleGroup42 client files

The BattleGroup42 mod installer consists of five parts. One executable file and four .bin files. Download all five parts into the same folder on your hard disk, start the .exe file and follow the instructions of the installer.

Once you’ve downloaded all files, your folder should list the following files:

  • BG42_Final.exe
  • BG42_Final-1a.bin
  • BG42_Final-1b.bin
  • BG42_Final-1c.bin
  • BG42_Final-2a.bin

You can also download the client files at our BattleGroup42 page on moddb. Please follow this link

BattleGroup42 Final - Installer .exe (5854 downloads )
BattleGroup42 Final - first .bin file (669 downloads )
BattleGroup42 Final - second .bin file (430 downloads )
BattleGroup42 Final - third .bin file (7414 downloads )
BattleGroup42 Final - fourth .bin file (12054 downloads )

BattleGroup42 server files

BattleGroup42 Final - server files (71 downloads )

BattleGroup42 Battlecraft files

BattleGroup42 Final - files for Battlecraft Editor (7506 downloads )

BattleGroup42 Samples for Lightmap creation

BattleGroup42 Final - samples for lightmap creation (38 downloads )