Active BattleGroup42 team members

  • Sarge31FR
  • SargeSurfat
  • Qbicle

Active beta testers and contributors

  • 2-285
  • al13326
  • Laufer
  • MOB BSK1885

Former or inactive BattleGroup42 team members

The team members listed below kindly contributed a lot of time and effort to the mod. Without them, the BattleGroup42 project wouldn’t exist. We will be forever grateful for the fantastic work they did for our mod, be it by providing code, models, textures, maps, research or beta testing. The list goes all the way back to 2003, when the first version of BattleGroup42 was released.

=MAD= A.J. Rock Afri Cola BeanBandit BMP Bobton
Bommel Cabrio Cavesloth DaCrapper DACV Dauntless
Dnamro Edke EJ Falke Geronimo|Ger Geronimo|Serb
Gimli Goat AKA Murdock Gurki Hamilton Haribo Hot Shot
Huskerpat Jammer Joc Joker klick Koricus
Kraetzer Larva Loki Lotte Majestic Moose Martha Stewart
MasterChiefRulz miopalmo MOB Clan MoederTheresa (RIP) MOHAAS MultiMadman
Nimrod6 Panzaman Panzersmurf Plutonius Postman Psychoslaphead
RuppDee Schuetze Ausf. 774 Senshi SethSoldier SimLac Smig
Soloriens Suhren TerrorDuck Vimeos Wasper

The bold written former members are the ones who originally founded the mod shortly after the release of Battlefield 1942 in the year 2002.