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December 1937 – Fall of Nanking
December 1937 – Fall of Nanking

In December of 1937, the Japanese began their attack on the fortified city of Nanking, the capital of the Republic of China at the time.

June 1941 – Battle of Brody
June 1941 – Battle of Brody

Battle of Brody

August 1942 – Operation Herkules
August 1942 – Operation Herkules

Operation Herkules

March 1945 – The Coup
March 1945 – The Coup

The Coup

April 1945 – Mouse Roars
April 1945 – Mouse Roars

At the end of April 1945, Soviet units arrived at the Kummersdorf testing grounds. Much to their surprise and terror, two fully operational “Maus” tanks were taking part in the defense of the testing grounds. Will the Soviets emerge victorious, or suffer defeat at the hands of those super heavy monstrosities? Find out for yourselves! (partially fictional map)

May 1945 – Shuri Line
May 1945 – Shuri Line

During the Battle of Okinawa, American forces faced heavy resistance at the so called “Shuri Line”, a fortified defensive line running from Naha to Yonabaru.





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