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Map patch for BG42 ...
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Map patch for BG42 FRC4

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Here's my minor fixes on several maps that i've done a few months ago.

To Install: Extract the .7z file and copy all the 'mapname'_001.rfa in levels folder (i.e. ../EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/bg42/Archives/bf1942/levels/)

DL link - Google Drive


- Changed position and rotation values of Plane_Spawner on both sides in ObjectSpawns.con to prevent either of them hitting the trees during takeoff, also changed the Stud_Farm_Spawn4's X position in SinglePlayer's SoldierSpawns.con.

- Correcting typo on Pak_Spawner's "ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2" to 2pounder and adjustment of rotation for both Spitfire Mk I and Defiant as both British aircraft were hitting the trees during take-off.

- Adjustment of spawnpoint rotation on each sides' aircraft.

- Changed game.setServerInfoIcon to "serverBGeurope.tga" as Crete was located in Europe.

- Adjustment of spawnpoint rotation for both P-40F and P-38 in Co-op to prevent the AI/bots hitting the hilly terrain (P-40) and trees (P-38F) during take-off.
- Removed land vehicles assigned in "ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner Ambulance_Spawner" in Co-op to prevent AI/bots to occupy the vehicle and blocked the airfield.

- Changing spawnpont and rotation for both German aircraft in Co-op to prevent hitting the trees or flying straight toward the hill.

- Adjustment of spawnpoint rotation for Gloster Gladiator to prevent it from hitting the rails during take-off.

- Added line "textureManager.alternativePath Texture/Russia" to fixed incorrect texture of Chinese sFH 18.

- Replacing Manufacture CP's Flak_Spawner to Pak_Spawner to prevent glitching of 37mm61-K's wheels on river wall should the Soviets capture that control point, and changing Truck_Spawner's (near Bf 109G) absolute position and rotation X values to 253.92 and 88.00 respectively to eliminate the "shaking" of towed sFH 18 in Conquest mode.

- Moving the audio position of axisradio to grammophon_m1.

- Fixed some minor typo error on "game.setMultiplayerBriefingObjectives" inside Menu/Init.con.

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Thanks 😊 I'll integrate those fixes for the next build

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Hi buddies! 🖐️ I've been following the development of this mod for a long time and would like to contribute to the development of its single player component. I was able to correct a defect on the 4407-Ihantala map, when the Soviets behaved passively and did not go on the attack. True, it is still not possible to win it, because it seems to me that there are too many Finns techs and panzerfausts. Also, I could not play this map due to lags (maybe I just have a weak computer). I tried to remove the "vegetables", but the lags still remained, so it seems to me that the problem is all the same in the oversaturation of such a small map with different techs. I also added bots to the 4308-Azov map, but they boats often fall under neutral ships and fall into the water. And also they are very poorly oriented in the bays and often get stuck. In addition, I have not yet added the possibility of bots landing on the islands, but this is not so important, because for victory just need keep even sea points.

In the future, I plan to refine this, if you do not mind?


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Great it’s amazing work, thank you, hope to meet you good old developers and players on the server? Gunsmoke spend a really good Server it remember the good old MOB times, hope to meet you all there back?