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Bot support for Battle of Attu

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Hello all! Was doing some digging around while cleaning up harddrives, and I found some of my old modding files. One of which in particular, is bot support I made for the 4305-battle_of_attu map.

This is one of my favorite maps in the mod, so in early 2018 I began working on bot support for the map. There aren't too many popular bg42 servers I've noticed, so I wanted to liven the map up with some bots. I think I kinda forgot about the map for a while, until May 2019 when I briefly picked it up again and got it to a somewhat playable state. Anyways, I wanted to share the map with you guys, incase anyone is interested. Pathmaps were painted by me, AI strategies... I think I may have copied them from a vanilla bf1942 map and changed a few things within them, I can't remember to be honest. The bot support in its current state isn't perfect. I could never get the landing zones for the north beach to work properly, so bots just sit around on the beach still in the landingcraft. They do well with the south beach I've noticed. Another thing is that I've had to make some map changes, such as:

- Remove the Japanese sub as it has a spawn point, and no AI info, so it causes a CTD when bots enter

- Remove the hovercraft (boats that carry tanks, other vehicles, etc) from the south fleet due to bots not working well with it either

- I think I had to change the plane spawn position at the Japanese airfield due to bots crashing it on takeoff

Conquest mode remains untouched, these vehicle changes only apply to coop/sp mode. But other than that, everything else is relatively the same. If you want to check it out, then there is a download link below. I probably won't work on it anymore, but at least I got it to a somewhat playable state, which is what I was aiming for at the beginning. Have fun!

Battle of Attu SP/Coop:

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Thanks for adding Co-op mode on Attu! 😉 

By the way, a gameplay video:


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