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My HD map conversio...
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My HD map conversions for RC4 patch 1

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I just now upgraded to RC4 patch 1 and took the time to update my HD map mods of my favourite maps. I created these for my own purposes mostly doing dogfights and the occasional run in VR (with VorpX and DGvoodo2) so as I thought that there may be others not knowing how to change the maps please find them here to try out. Just drop these RFA files into the "Battlefield 1942/mods/bg42/Archives/bf1942/levels" folder. NOTE: These files does not replace anything, just changes the settings of the maps as they load after the map has loaded. To remove just search for all the files ending with *_069.rfa and remove.

To make such changes yourself just use winRFA v2.05 which is easily found by googling. Open the map RFA file, save it to a work folder and select the and terrain/ files and use Notepad to make the changes. I suggest you load in one of my map files first, extract my changed files and look at all the "rem" change remarks I've made to see what I changed.

Example of what a HD conversion looks like: 

[IMG] [/IMG]

The map files:

Ivo Jima [URL]

Tobruk [URL]

Invasion of the Philippines [URL]

4409-Angaur [URL]

Guadalcanal [URL]

Gazala [URL]

Battle of Britain [URL]

Wake [URL]

El Alamein [URL]

Midway [URL]


Cheers Cudman

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I am really happy about your work, that was the spirit for a news a couple of weeks ago, see here: It makes me so happy to see a little life in developing. 🙂

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Can´t find them via this link.