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Sherman Firefly classification  


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04/06/2020 1:00 am  

Well I know it plays no role anymore as the model of Sherman Firefly was already replaced anyway but I'm still curious. During the earlier versions of BG42 a Sherman Firefly classified as

was used. According to the British classification system a Sherman IIIC is therefore a M4A2 Sherman armed with a 17pdr Gun. So far as good but according to my own research there wasn't any Sherman IIIC or at least only in very small quantities. I've found a picture of a Sherman Firefly which looks similar from the markings and the camouflage colour to the old BG42 model


but according to the Tank Encyclopedia source it's a Sherman V so a M4A4 armed with 17pdr Gun like the current Sherman Firefly model in BG42. My question therefore is the following: Was it already planned from the beginning to implement a Sherman Firefly IIIC or was it a simple write error, does maybe a Sherman Firefly IC was meant in reality? Or was it simply a stopgap because no other appropriate Firefly model was available at this time?

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