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FRC4 bug report thread  

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23/11/2019 6:08 pm  

When I shoot in artillery gun ZIS-3 but not to destroy it immediately, but to make it on fire-burn, when it's about to explode, the game crashes, though here it's written that this problem is fixed. Can someone please check it, on map like 4301-tridentina_avanti and confirm or disconfirm this problem? Thanks in advance! 

If anyone have this problem, the fix is this. Open object.rfa, go to Vehicles/Land/ZIS-3/Objects.con and find this line. It's on the beginning:

ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 0 e_ScrapZIS3 0/0/0

and change it with this:

ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 0 e_ScrapZIS3mobile 0/0/0

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