Hi guys,

just a quick update on BG42’s development. I know that you’ve been waiting a long time for another update on the mod, but i didn’t have the time to work on the mod or the website in the past months. I only made sure that the server and website were up to date in terms of updates.

The next build of the mod will definitely be the last major build, after that a small patch might be released to fix remaining (and fixable!) bugs. Please keep in mind that we no longer accept any kind of requests or user created content. We need to make sure that the existing content is as bug-free as possible, and every tiny bit of new content will only make things more complicated and time consuming.

There’s no release date yet for the final build, but we’re planning on releasing it sometime in Winter of 2020. So please stay tuned!

Update 27th of September 2020

Sorry for another belated update on the mod’s status. The next build is almost finished, there’s still one thing left that has to be finished and integrated. I can’t tell you when this will happen, since it’s content not created by me but by Sarge Surfat. So i’ll have to wait for him to finish his project 🙂

Best regards