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More bots in campaign?  


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24/06/2019 4:01 am  

hello I have a question
Is it possible to somehow increase the amount of bots in the campaign?
I ask because I like chaos and as you know the more bots the more chaos
sorry in advance for my english I used google translator

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25/06/2019 4:19 am  

There are some methods to increase the number of bots (please check, but keep in mind, it would seriously drop your framerate. On the other hand there are some indicators that too much bots (even beyond 48) cause instability to the game. So we decide not to support it within our own code.

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03/07/2019 3:51 pm  

Why in Campaign mode when you can play it with more than 64 in Coop? 😉 

Here's the modified files i've been uploaded from ModDB:

Download Link

Do take note that this was from vanilla Battlefield 1942, just read the description or from the README file if you want to play more than 64 ai/bots for BattleGroup42 or any BF1942 mods of your choice. And keep it in mind though, the ai/bots will start spinning like crazy when you set the maximum number of players beyond 128 in Create Game menu.

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