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Battlegroup42 Final: map preview # 1

Battlegroup42 News The final version of Battlegroup42 is gradually reaching testing phase, and so it's about time to provide you with an update about the new content. While we showed you new vehicle and plane models in the past news updates, this time it's all about the new scenarios in which you'll be able to play around.


user account registration changed

Battlegroup42 News
Due to an increased amount of spam/advertisement account registrations over the past few weeks, we have decided to switch user registration procedures. Every new account has to be unlocked by the admin first. Every account being misused for spam and/or advertisement crap will be subject to immediate deletion.

Since the admin can't be around 24h a day, unlocking of your new account may take up to 1-2 days. In addition, every unlocked account which is being misused for spam/advertisement of any kind will be deleted at once without prior notice to the account owner.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but recent events force us to take this step.

Big juggernauts for Battlegroup42

Battlegroup42 News It's all about "big juggernauts" in this news update from the Battlegroup42 team, in which we will inform you of the current status of our mod. We are talking about multi-engined bombers, a rather sparsely equipped section of the mod until now. We were not only able to close a gap in the armoury there, but also to fulfil an often expressed wish of the community.

New AFVs for BG42 1.8

Battlegroup42 News The work on the final version of Battlegroup42 is progressing swiftly, and we want to keep you up to speed about the new content awaiting you. For today's news, we've gathered some candy for our "tank faction". See for yourself !

The Shermans reloaded

Battlegroup42 News
The Battlegroup42 team is back with news, which will most likely make a lot of our players very happy, especially those who love to play as tank drivers. In contrast to the last news, which covered only planes, we concentrate on the steel giants on the ground this time. To be more precise, only of them. You'll know why this is enough stuff for an entire news, if you'll continue reading.

BG42 Gameserver - important info !

Battlegroup42 News Hi guys,

since there are some problems with connecting to our gameserver, we've decided to change the server files again.

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