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Big BattleGroup42 model presentation - part four

Battlegroup42 News
With part four the BattleGroup42-team is continuing its extensive new models presentation. Most of these models were created by Gauranga and integrated into the mod by Sarge31FR - in the process they were upgraded to our quality standards if needed.

While the focus of our last two news was on equipment of the Axis forces, this time we'll concentrate on the Allies.

Big BattleGroup42 model presentation - part three

Battlegroup42 News
The BattleGroup42 team is greeting all players and fans with another part of our big model presentation. Once again it's about models made by Gauranga, which we were able to integrate into the mod over the past few months.

Someone who downloaded the first RC of the final BattleGroup42 version might already have met some of those models, but we surely don't want to withhold them from everyone else, since many of those models were often wished for by our fans, and all of them are a welcomed enrichment to the mod. They also help us in equipping our maps even more accurately.

BattleGroup42 - Important info on bug reports etc.

Battlegroup42 News
Dear BG42 fans and testers, in order to make bugfixing etc. a little easier for us, i beg you to please read and remember the proper procedures that will be explained in the following text. They will help us in keeping an overview of the reported/fixed bugs, suggestions and so on.

BattleGroup42 Final - Release Candidate now available !

Battlegroup42 News Dear BattleGroup42 fans, as promised in the last news update, we're presenting you the Release Candidate build of the "Final" version of BG42 today. After a very busy week with lots of last-minute bug fixes, additions and several reworks on maps (especially Coop) we're proud to finally publish a public release of the latest build.

Please continue reading below !

Big BattleGroup42 model presentation - part two

Battlegroup42 News
As announced in the last news, the BattleGroup42 team is back with part two of the model presentation for the final release of our mod. Included are several vehicles spanning the whole WWII period, which allow us to further improve the correct equipment of our maps. The majority of the vehicles presented today were created by modeler Gauranga.

Big BattleGroup42 model presentation - part one

Battlegroup42 News
The Battlegroup42 team wishes all fans and gamers a happy new year and is back with some news. First some important info for our faithfull players using the [MOB] Server: The gameserver has been moved to another, more powerfull server and can be reached via ip address or using the ingame server browser.
First tests have shown a far better performance, and lags should be greatly decreased.

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