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Battlegroup42 1.8 - ...and now for a plane or two

Battlegroup42 News It's time for another Battlegroup news update - the work on the final version 1.8 is proceeding very well, and again we were able to include some important new or re-worked content.
The UDK project is coming along nicely, though we really could use some help - we're sorry to say that the community's feedback on this is rather meager.


Battlegroup42 1.8 - even more new planes sighted !

Battlegroup42 News The Battlegroup42 presents you another news about the final release of Battlegroup42 - yet again we have managed to extend our air force with a few important models which we were previously lacking. Furthermore, we can provide some info on the status of our successor project based on the Unreal engine, which just recently saw a first pre-alpha test during which performance issues were successfully resolved.


Battlegroup42 1.8 - Novelties on land and at sea

Battlegroup42 News It's time again for a news update on Battlegroup42. As you know, we're working hard on finishing version 1.8 - since it will be our last release based on Battlefield 1942, we want to make sure to make it as good and bug-free as possible. Even in the final stages of development we're still able to exchange old vehicles with new ones of much better quality or add even add completely new content to close existing gaps. Today, we want to tell you about this.


Battlegroup42 - new planes for 1.8

Battlegroup42 News It's time for another news update on the final release of Battlegroup42 ! We're quite surprised that we're still able to find new content for our already extensive mod. In the past few weeks we were able to integrate three new, rather unique planes, which we'll show you in this news.


Battlegroup42 back in action - new models

Battlegroup42 News
The Battlegroup42 team is back with a stable website and gameserver: After all the problems we had in the past few weeks we finally found out that a defective server hardware was responsible for the errors and crashes. We'd like to thank everybody who helped us, especially Grabbi of the PFC team.

But now it's time for another news about new content for the final Battlegroup42 version 1.8, and therefore we'd like to present three new models.


Battlgroup42 Movie: The Battle for Ortona

Battlegroup42 News Greetings to the community! With this news we don¬īt want to show off new content for the Battlegroup42 mod, but an amazing movie made by our true and long time Hungarian fans from the FPS club. They reenact the Battle for Ortona on the corresponding BG42 map, and we like this movie very much. This furious and bloody battle happened in December 1943, when Canadian troops captured the village of Ortona in Italy after a week of fighting against German elite paratroopers. Have fun watching the fight! Oh, and of course we will also post your videos, if they are of good quality.

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