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Battlegroup42 Final - Biplanes incoming!

Battlegroup42 News
Today the Battlegroup42 team wants to present you a project, which after nine months reached its final stage. It began on Christmas Eve last year, when our modeler RuppDee came up with the question wether it would be possible to create a dogfight map for the mod, on which biplanes are fighting each other. The idea was enthusiastically accepted - but where were we supposed to place the map geographically, and where could we get the models ?

Battlegroup42 Final: More new content & testphase starting soon

Battlegroup42 News
The final release is actually nearing completion. Right now we're putting together the test version, which means that the beta tests will be starting soon, and if you want to participate just sign up in our forum at Therefore it's time to present you the last additions we put into the mod.

This news is about vehicles, with most of them probably being unique in the BF modding scene.

Battlegroup42 Final: commercial and transport vehicles

Battlegroup42 News
In Battlegroup42 there are a lot of vehicles, which are unarmed but possess properties that make them valuable assets on the battlefield. Trucks and ambulances replenish ammunition and heal soldiers, off-road vehicles and motorcycles allow for a quick travel to areas of operation.
For us as a modding team those vehicles are as important as the fighting vehicles, and therefore we are pleased to be able to present you some additions for the final Battlegroup42 version.

Battlegroup42 Final: "gap-fillers" for ground troops

Battlegroup42 News One might not believe it - although Battlegroup42 already features more than 200 vehicles and planes, there are still some scenarios in which we have to use historically inaccurate models. Those gaps are steadily getting smaller, and even if we're unable to close them completely for the final release, we have some gap-fillers which will help in making BG42 the most complete and historically accurate mod for BF1942 there is.

Three of those models - all of them ground vehicles - are part of this news.

Battlegroup42 Final: map preview # 3

Battlegroup42 News
The Battlegroup42 team is back with its first news in 2014. We hope that all of you spend the holidays and new years eve well, and are not too disappointed about BG42 Final not being released before christmas. The reason for that is the many new models we want to integrate (and partly have already). They allow us to equip our troops even more historically accurate.


Battlegroup42 Final: map preview # 2

Battlegroup42 News An apocalyptic mood predominated the last news, in which the Battlegroup42 team began its map preview of the final release 1.8: Each scenario was based on events during the final months of war in Europe of 1945. With this news we continue our map preview and follow up this apocalyptic mood, but also take a detour to other regions and earlier years.


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