Website updates and changes

Battlegroup42 News Time for some more news about the site ! Several changes and additions have been made. Please read the whole news.

Two new modules are available now.

The first new module is the "Battlegroup Gallery"

There you can find lots of Battlegroup related pictures, mostly news pictures from older news and some ingame pictures. The Gallery is divided into several categories. Please take note that the Gallery will be continued/changed as needed, so stay tuned

The second new module is the "FAQ" section.

In the future, you'll find answers to everything that is related to Battlegroup42 and the UDK project there. Right now the FAQ has only a few entries about the game- and Teamspeak servers. More will follow as soon as possible. The FAQ is multilingual featuring English and German.

Design/Layout of the site

Another thing currently in the works is the new design of the website. As you might have noticed the colors/layout etc. of the site are changing from time to time. This is due to the fact that i have to check every change i make to the templates, and to improve the look and functionality. The current design is not final, there will be further changes.

A personal note from me

Usually, our news are posted both in English and German. But right now the new website is taking a lot of my free time, and therefore i write news in English only. I hope you'll understand that

If news about the mod itself are available, they'll of course be available in English AND German since SargeSurfat usually writes the German version while i translate them to English.

Since there are "only" website related news at this time, they'll be only available in English.


Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Website updates and changes

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  1. nopictruth_hun schreibt am 09.05.2012 17:11
    Nice job, thank you!
  2. nopictruth_hun schreibt am 07.05.2012 21:32
    Hey Sarge31FR,

    I got informed by your RSS feed before sh*t happened to the site. Could you please reset it if it's not to much work?

    Thank you in advance.