The Shermans reloaded

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The Battlegroup42 team is back with news, which will most likely make a lot of our players very happy, especially those who love to play as tank drivers. In contrast to the last news, which covered only planes, we concentrate on the steel giants on the ground this time. To be more precise, only of them. You'll know why this is enough stuff for an entire news, if you'll continue reading.

For quite some time now, there has been an imbalance in our mod development: While the Axis forces got new and better tank models and military vehicles, there were hardly any improvements for the American arsenal. Especially our Sherman tanks were many years old, so a major refreshment was badly needed. Thus our modeler SimLac and his associate and texture artist Soloriens, both members of the Hungarian FPS Club, began working on replacements many months ago. The very extraordinary and complex work which both of them delivered now, more than justifies our decision of delaying the release of the final Battlegroup42 version for that long. Their work was actually the reason for the delay.

SimLac and Soloriens created no less than 16 different Sherman variants, most of them with alternative textures. All of them are of great detail and texture quality second to none in the area of Bf1942 mods, and they hardly need to fear comparison to modern games. The models are replacing every Sherman tank currently used in BG42, with the exception of the currently added M4A2 from Waxbutter. The range goes from the early M4A1 of 1943 over to the M4A3 series, and up to the last and best Shermans, like the M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" or the M4A3E2 "Jumbo". There are also special versions like the M4A3 with 105mm howitzer, the "Calliope" rocketlauncher or the British "Firefly". But let the pictures speak for themselves, we're quite sure that they'll fascinate you as much as us.

With our new Shermans, the quality and valency of the BattleGroup42 mod again made an enormous leap ahead, eleven years after its founding. This is an outstanding example on how fans, in this case our friends from the FPS club, can support a mod through self-initiative. Now, we can finally begin closing the file "BG42". There are still some minor things to do, this is a topic for another news, but we're much closer to release now.

Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Montag, 11. Februar 2013

The Shermans reloaded

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  1. SoloriensSoloriens schreibt am 12.02.2013 19:13
    "These tanks are faster than any other tanks in Europe. Forwards or backwards."
    "We like to feel that we can get out of trouble quicker than we got into it."
    "Any other secret weapons?"
    "Oh, yeah. All the tanks we come up against are bigger and better than ours. So that all we can hope to do is like scare them away. This gun is an ordinary 76 millimeter... but we added a piece of pipe onto it and the Krauts think... maybe it's a 90 millimeter."
    "We got our own ammunition. It's filled with paint. When we fire it, it makes pretty pictures. It scares the hell out of people."
    "We got a loudspeaker. When we go into battle, we play music very loud. It kind of... calms us down." :)
  2. nopicSimLac schreibt am 11.02.2013 23:55
    Thanks! :)
    I hope our work was not in vain, and many people will play again this old game.
  3. LauxLaux schreibt am 11.02.2013 23:15
    Thank you for the refreshed Sherman Tanks SimLac, i will hope thats not the end of overworking models.:-)
    Thats will be happen all the communities i will hope so!!!
    5 Stars!!! Top!!!
  4. nopicDustyMiller schreibt am 11.02.2013 20:32
    Deserters the lot of them. Why, as soon as the going gets tough do these chocolate soldiers melt away ? I went to visit my French girlfriend in the now liberated Paris. I come back here and it's as quiet as a Vicars Sunday afternoon drinks party. But wait. What is that rumbling sound ? My God, The Americans must have been running their factories over time. I wonder if they have any smokes ?