New Battlegroup site and forum online

Battlegroup42 News
Dear fans and developers,

progress on the new site is going well.

Please take note that we've switched the site and project name to "Battlegroup". The URL won't change. Further information about that will follow.

Status of functions:

The forum and user registration work perfectly. You can start re-registering your accounts.
Based on the entries in the database backup, i can grant you your former forum rights and correct member groups (if your account/name is contained in the backup).

Forum layout (categories and boards) is finished for now. It's based on the former old forum layout, so you won't have difficulties in finding your way around. There might be additions to the forum if needed.

Next steps will be a better layout and graphics, adding/changing functions as needed and so on.
I don't know how long it will take to finish everything, the functionality/content of the site has absolute priority.
So please don't ask "when will your new site design be finished ?"

So stay tuned guys  Cheesy


Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Sonntag, 01. April 2012