New AFVs for BG42 1.8

Battlegroup42 News The work on the final version of Battlegroup42 is progressing swiftly, and we want to keep you up to speed about the new content awaiting you. For today's news, we've gathered some candy for our "tank faction". See for yourself !

Let's begin with the new models of the German "Panzerkampfwagen" IV D, E and F2. They are based on two very nice models, which were originally made for BGF by Koricus, and provided with additional textures for different seasons and theatres by Sarge31FR and Sarge Surfat. They replace the existing models with the exception of the H version. For this we need a modeler who can do the needed modifications. So if you want to help with this, you're welcome.

Another novelty for the Red Army: The heavy tank Kliment Voroshilov 1, better known as KV-1, in its 1940 variant. This one differs from the 1941 model not only in some details, but mostly in the angular, welded turret. Since the 1941 model was first used in spring of 1942, we were now able to put the KV-1 mod. 1940 on our early Eastern Front maps. Koricus created both model and texture.

The third new content for today takes us to the pacific theatre of the war, and we have to admit that it's rather a nice gimmick - but even those things enhance the atmosphere. It's the Minneapolis-Moline NTX. This four-wheel drive vehicle with a springless rear axle was used by the USAAF since 1943, mostly on forward air bases, and served as an aircraft thug. In BG42 the NTX is equipped with a supply & repair function for allied planes. The model was created and textured by community modeler Cobra8472.

And finally, Kraetzer surprised us with a nice gift: he bequeathed to us three Japanese AFVs, which were originally created for another purpose for which they are no longer needed. They are the Ha-Go light tank, the Ho-Ki APC and the Te-Ke tankette. All three of them were already in BG42 for a long time now, but in a much worse quality. The new models however are very detailed and nicely textured.

The last item for today's news is new or improved gunsights for most of our tanks and stationary guns, which further improve the mods atmosphere. Concluding this news, be assured that this was not the last one, there's still some things to show you until the release. We can promise you that.

Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Donnerstag, 04. April 2013

New AFVs for BG42 1.8

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  1. nopicpeacemaker schreibt am 30.04.2013 11:09

    Very impressive new models. I should fine some time to play again...

    Great Work guys!!!!

  2. LauxLaux schreibt am 29.04.2013 15:24
    I love this BG42 mod,
    i will hope for a not ending story!
    And more players, please like it and tell your /recrute friends!!!
  3. nopicRexmont schreibt am 17.04.2013 21:17
    The quality of these models is INSANE!!!!

    Wow, amazing!!!!

    All Heil Battlegroup 42!!!!
  4. nopicSargeSurfat schreibt am 15.04.2013 11:24
    Sounds good! Please register and leave a message in the forums. There we can discuss whats needed. Thanks for your readyness to help!
  5. nopicStefan schreibt am 13.04.2013 12:50

    Hi, I'm a 3dsmax user, what do you want to do exactly? I'm already working on a game but I can help you on my freetime.

  6. nopicGeronimo57 schreibt am 05.04.2013 19:17
    Amazing! I especially like the Japanese tanks!
  7. nopicIVANOV schreibt am 05.04.2013 07:19

    And if feedback of the player shows that a gun from game QuakeIII conveniently for destruction of tanks?
    Pantsershrek was more powerful than a bazooka, and the protective shield was necessary protection against consequences of this power, protected the soldier using this weapon from a scalding.
    Guys, it is historical reliability

    Nothing disturbs the player with panzershrek during movement according to the card, to run with the pistol that the review was good

  8. nopicQ schreibt am 05.04.2013 04:11
    The Panzerschreck's shield was implemented in one of the patches quite some time ago, but general player feedbacks showed it was not a popular addition, and therefore the weapon was reverted back to its original appearance.
  9. nopicIVANOV schreibt am 04.04.2013 21:02
    guys, I want to pay your attention on Panzerschreck, with a request to return it a protective shield. I looked on the Internet of article to show that protective shield is an integral part of Panzerschreck.
    Please read further

    the first bazookas  to get to Germans as trophies, and they began to get during fights in North Africa in November, 1942. Germans wished to obtain at themselves something similar. This similar was created in December, 1943 in the form of a  anti-tank gun Ofenror.
    For improvement of fighting qualities of the weapon, it was decided to use caliber of 88 mm. 
    it possessed also a set of shortcomings. So, for protection against the heated powder gases which are forming at a shot, soldier before firing from a gun Ofenror had to put on a gas mask mask without the filter and a glove. This circumstance significantly complicated gun use and therefore in 1944 there was its advanced modification supplied with a protective shield. This modification is known under the name Pantsershrek (Panzerschreck ‚Äď a thunder-storm of tanks).

  10. nopicIVANOV schreibt am 04.04.2013 19:08
    das ist ja prima!!! Die neue Technik :-)