Important hint - If you have problems with registration

Battlegroup42 News Hi,

if you're having trouble registering your account try to delete your complete temporary internet browser files.

Since this site is completely new, there might be problems with old temporary files and cookies.


Your new account is valid for both site AND forum, so you need to register only ONCE via the homepage.

Users using the ENGLISH language please take note that you have to set your birth date manually, when registering an account, since the module seems to be having problems with time formats like DD:MM:YYYY.
You have to use  MM:DD:YYYY to continue registration.

Example: If your birth date is 1st of March 2000, it'll look like this: 03/01/2000.

Users using the German language are not affected by this.

We're sorry for this inconvinience and are trying to straighten that out in the module !


Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Sonntag, 01. April 2012