Big juggernauts for Battlegroup42

Battlegroup42 News It's all about "big juggernauts" in this news update from the Battlegroup42 team, in which we will inform you of the current status of our mod. We are talking about multi-engined bombers, a rather sparsely equipped section of the mod until now. We were not only able to close a gap in the armoury there, but also to fulfil an often expressed wish of the community.

First there is the Avro Lancaster. The well known British bomber has been in the mod already for quite some time, but when there's an opportunity to get a better model, we take it. In this case the Lancaster Mk. III made by clivewil, who was already responsible for our Spitfire update. As usual, the model and texture are of a superb quality.

We have seen great success with the integration of the American medium bomber North American B-25 "Mitchell" in variant J. The model was created by SimLac in the first place, and lay unfinished "in the drawer" for some time until our modeller RuppDee took care of it. He not only finished the model, but also provided a whole bunch of textures for it. Because of this we can use this versatile and very successful two-engined bomber on a lot of maps, serving several different allied armies like the American, British and Russian - from the mountains of Tunisia to the plains of Russia and over to the Pacific islands.

There are vehicles which are rather useless for the usual BG42 gameplay, since they can't be used in historically accurate situations within normal scenarios.  One of these vehicles is the B-29 Superfortress, a heavy strategic bomber which only comes close to ground during take-off and landing, flying sorties at a height of at least 6 miles. In order to transpose something like this into BG42, mappers and modellers have to work closely and so our new B-29 model, including an interior, was created in RuppDee's workshop - along with a custom tailored objective-mode map made by SargeSurfat. He was inspired by the "space battle" maps of the Galactic Conquest mod. The B-29 is "flown" similar to the spaceships of the GC mod.  One can spawn inside them, occupy the weapon stations and even repair the bomber if necessary and it will be necessary; since the Japanese interceptors will try everything to destroy the B-29s.

At the end of this news update yet another proclamation: We're desperately looking for new team members, for BG42 as well as our new standalone project, most of all modellers, animators and coders. Without the appropriate manpower there can be no progress. So take a look at and our forum or contact our project leader Senshi directly!

Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

Big juggernauts for Battlegroup42

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  1. nopicSargeSurfat schreibt am 12.07.2013 14:43
    The Me 262 is already in the mod.
  2. nopicDanIsDone schreibt am 11.07.2013 09:07
    ADD me-262 please. please. the me-262 participate in ww2 too. please.
  3. nopicGeronimo57 schreibt am 17.06.2013 16:16
    Amazing work! I'm very much looking forward to those aerial maps, those bombers look fantastic!
  4. nopicSargeSurfat schreibt am 16.06.2013 19:07
    Yes the Superfortress-Map is entirely air - no ground at all! It is about the Tokio Air Raid in March 1945. I can guess of more maps in this style.
  5. nopicDustyMiller schreibt am 15.06.2013 22:51
    WOW ! I WAS WAITING FOR CLIVEWIL'S BOMBER TO BE USED IN A MOD AND HERE IT IS !!! BG42 mod have really surpassed themselves this time ... again !!! Those flying machines looks really good. Is that Superfortress map entirely an air map ? Interceptors have to shoot down the bombers and bombers have to defend themselves ? If so this is exactly what I was thinking could be done with the Lancaster as well. Will any of this be released as a beta ? BTW, interesting fact of the day, I actually live in Lancaster in the UK, the town that the famous bomber is named after :D
  6. nopicJackson schreibt am 14.06.2013 22:13
    The planes look very good.
    And as you can see, are also new maps?
    Good work. :)