BattleGroup42 Final RC2 release !

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We've already announced it on our Facebook page, and now it's official ! Release Candidate no. 2 is now available for download and has already been running on our gameserver for several days, without major problems.

Like RC1 before, RC2 is a publicly available test version of BattleGroup42 Final, in which we fixed the known bugs from RC1, added some more new content and made some fine tuning especially regarding Coop mode.

Among the new additions in RC2 are two maps. The first of which is 3912-kunlun_pass. It was inspired by a battle that happened from December 1939 up to January 1940 in Southern China. The Japanese were aiming to disrupt the Chinese supply line along the Vietnam route, something the Chinese had to prevent at all costs. They gathered the majority of their tank units and were able to inflict a devastating defeat upon the Japanese. The base for this scenario was the community map "Operation Rolling Barrage", which itself was based upon the Battlefield Vietnam map "Fall of Lang Vei".

The second new map, 4407-battle_of_ihantala, is about the Soviet summer offensive in Karelia in July of 1944. Despite being numerically superior in every aspect, the Soviets were unable to gain any significant amount of ground against the fierce and lossy Finnish resistance. They eventually broke off the attack and redeployed their troops to the Baltic front. The defenders were supported by Swedish volunteers and a German assault gun unit, which made it possible to realize this map using our German troops. The map is based on the community map "Ihantala" by zara5ustra.

And while we're at it, we're still not finished with our model presentation - some of the models we're showing you today were already in RC1 but didn't get a mention in the news yet. We'd like to make up for that with part five of our big model presentation, as well as some infos for those of you that haven't downloaded a RC yet.

Let's begin with a medium level and torpedo bomber of the Soviet airforce, the Ilyushin Il-4. Used from 1941 to 1945 it distinguished itself with its long range and payload capabilities. But these were bought with a relatively weak defensive armament, resulting in drastic losses especially when operating on low altitude operations without fighter escorts. Nevertheless they sucessfully fulfilled their duties and were an important part in the Soviet air war strategy. The model, created by ShaneT, was coded for BattleGroup42 by Sarge31FR. It's armed with bombs and features one machine gun in a fully traversable dorsal turret, one machine gun in a ventral holder as well as one in the nose.

Virtually a legend is our next addition - the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt is one of the largest and heaviest single engine fighter plane ever built, and also one of the most capable and rugged too. First designed as a long range escort fighter, it eventually found its role as a feared fighter-bomber: deep behind enemy lines the Thunderbolt squadrons attacked everything that moved with their eight .50cal machine guns, bombs and rockets. Their main targets were trains, army columns and ships, but also train stations, bridges and other infrastructure buildings. Our new, wonderfully detailed model represents a "D" version with "razorback" configuration. It was modeled and textured by RuppDee and replaces our old "bubble canopy" P-47.

With the next presentation for today we're returning to land: A Soviet armored scout car, modeled and textured by Gauranga, expands the Red Army's arsenal. It's the FAI-M, which had been in production since 1935 and was armed with a single 7,62mm machine gun in a traversable turret. The armored car was used on fronts in Europe and the Far East until 1942, some of them even during the Soviet advance in Manchuria in 1945. Its all-terrain capabilities were very poor, and the extremely thin armor only provided protection against shell fragments and small arms fire, but it was popular among the reconnaissance units because of its reliability. In BattleGroup42 the FAI-M can be found on some early maps, were it'll fight Japanese and German counterparts.

Our last presentation for today comes from our naval expert Cabrio - the Ehrenfels ! It's a big German cargo ship that was commissioned in 1936. At the beginning of the war the Ehrenfels traveled to the harbor of Goa and stayed there until 1943. Since the British suspected that its crew was sending radio messages about Allied ship traffic back home, a British Commando unit tried to capture the ship. But the Ehrenfels's crew managed to repell the attack and sink the ship themselves. The Ehrenfels had eight sister ships which were used as cargo ships, supply ships and armed merchantmans. All of them but two were sunk. In BattleGroup42 the Ehrenfels will be available in two versions: As cargo ship she replaces the freighter for the German forces. Heavily armed with cannons and torpedoes is the armed merchantman version, which can be found on the objective map 4210-wolfpack for example. In order to use the weapons you'll have to open the hatches first.

That's it for today's news - our next news will probaly be about the release of the final BattleGroup42 version. For this we can already promise you a few surprises. So don't miss anything and regularly visit our website at !

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BattleGroup42 Final RC2 release !

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  1. nopicDustyMiller schreibt am 17.01.2016 16:18
    Love the Il-4 :) Playable ships are always cool as well :D Investigating possibility of playing on my new Asus T100 Hybrid Laptop so I can play on the go as I've had so little time for BG42 over the last year :( Maybe with these new releases I'll be able to make some time.
  2. nopical13326 schreibt am 03.11.2015 16:13
    I'm sad that the Jug's variant with "bubble canopy" was gone since it was the later variant of Thunderbolt's delta (D-26 ~ D-30) as well as the succeeding versions.