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Autor Thema: Help setting up working server  (Gelesen 693 mal)
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« am: Oktober 04, 2017, 11:44:03 »


first off a big thanks for all the work put into this mod! As a WW2 enthusiast and builder of model tanks I see all the love that has gone into this!
This is the second time I'm actually having it installed, and I am amazed to see that it only grew and became so much more impressive than when I first installed it so many years ago (- that must have been in the early days of the mod).
BF42 in itself is a pretty solid base game. You would think that the gaming industry would have learned a lot about how to create more fun games in recent years but it turns out that the market turned towards dumbing games down for mass appeal and towards micro transactions, while often only providing better graphics. Fun gaming mechanics, pacing, keeping things simple while keeping the challenges balanced are all things lacking from the industry today and BF with the BG42 mod puts everything else to shame out there. Not even the modern counterparts of "pay to win" tank games have gotten things right in comparison... The next product that can be compared to BF+BG is the Arma franchise, which is a big leaguer's step up, with the downside that it's not WW2 (Not counting Iron Front - Liberation on the Arma 2 engine as that was a cringe inducing bug infested mess)! So great big thanks to you guys! My hat is off to everybody who has put any amount of work into this and special thanks to the person(s) with the vision and driving force to keeping... tanking... through this all these years!

There can never be too much praise directed towards you, however, enough rambling.

I have trouble with getting things towards starting my own server so I can invite some people to play. I have no problem at all with single player. Occasionally I have a little crash after a 3-4h gaming session but that's not any problem at all.
Problem: Right now, when running a server I get the "Failed to connect to server" kind of response from the game.

So I have a bunch of questions to fill in some gaps of knowledge that have developed over the last 10 days that I've been testing my way through all sorts of installations, compatibility modes, instructions, videos, forums, posts, FAQs, etc...

Background info:
- I've been running the Anthology version of BF42. I can't say for sure what version it is, it was a free download and seems to have an exe that doesn't require a CD (I'm not aware if that is a hacked or official version, since it's hard enough to get ANY version nowadays since it has been removed from all the official websites). All I know is that the version doesn't seem in any way weird or sketchy, it gives me the impression that it's legit. When I check the in-game version nr. that is shown on the welcoming screen it says 1.61. I have a solid modern gaming computer running Win 10 and fast internet.
- I have no problem connecting to other people's online games with my game and version but I haven't yet found a BG server that was running so I can only speak about BF42 connections.
- I opened port 14567 in the Win firewall but I'm running a router too, haven't had any problems there though, never have.

1. (Answered below)  The installation guide on this page says two things about the game version:
"Install the Battlefield 1942 v1.6.19 Patch.
Install the Battlefield 1942 v1.6b Incremental Patch"
Since I'm running BF Anthology, am I still required to patch the game with the above patches? If yes, will they even work on it?

2. (Answered) What version is my game really? The game uses a three digit version number (1.61), the above patches have differing names... Is a fully patched game actually called 1.6b in game?
(Edit: I just tried to use the patches with the Anthology version. I'm glad it told me the version numbers then. The complete patch number of the game I have installed is 1.06.001, which is the same patch number of the game after patching with v1.6b, which answers my own question: No update required with Anthology version and no the patches don't work with it.)

3. Where do I find instructions for installing the two server side packs provided on the download page? Do I assume correctly the following:
a) Install battlefield_1942_server_v1.6.19.exe
b) Patch with battlefield_1942_server_incremental_patch_v1.6_to_v1.61b.exe
c) Copy the files of BG42_FINAL_RC3_Full_Server.rar into the mods folder of the installed server
d) Copy the files of BG42_Final_RC3_Server_Patch1.rar into the corresponding folders of the previously installed mod server
e) Done? Or did I miss anything besides running the thing once before trying to set up a game?

4. Does PunkBuster interfere with me running a server or with server connections?

5. Is it necessary nowadays to open any other ports than 14567? Gamespy is not running anyway (GS server listing being responsible for at least one of two more port suggestions I've seen online).
(Edit: I now tried opening TCP port 28900 and UDP Ports 14567, 14690 and 23000-23009 outgoing. No change. Do I need to change anything Ingoing??)

6. I have a BF42 map pack installed. That's actually rather unnecessary as I'll only be playing BG maps anyway. It's installed before the BG mod. But could it be interfering?

I might return and fill this list with more points while I'm trying to get to grips with this issue.
Thanks for any suggestions and help!
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