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Autor Thema: Testers needed for Battlegroup 3  (Gelesen 193859 mal)
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« Antworten #120 am: Januar 21, 2015, 11:04:59 »

I'm also just lurking, waiting for new developments. Our last attempt hit a wall due to a lack of character modelers and animators. I still have all the code of Unreal42 and BG3 sitting somewhere on a hard drive.

U42 has a lot of statics transfered from vanilla BF42 to UDK (the same process could easily be applied to BG content as well) and also has found a way to easily port entire BF42 maps to UDK (heightmap, textures, sky&light settings, statics placement) and features a ported Wake Island, incl. some ported DICE soldier with rudimentary (= shitty) animations and a rough-working BAR1918 and jeep.

BG3 features a new map, new character models (though also of mediocre quality, especially animations) and more importantly a working game flow (ticket& flag system).
The second big task to work on would be to create mechanics for vehicles. Both land and air, for which there are only few good samples to work from. This is a task for knowledgable scripters and coders, as we'd have to create the entire framework for vehicles from scratch, so we can then have some easy-to-tweak variables (e.g. engine power, differential, etc.) to customize each new vehicle addition. We didn't tackle that because without modelers and animators there was no point to pour months of work into this huge aspect of work.

Cooperating with FH2 might work, as long as we can define a bunch of common objectives. If it's just gameplay details where opinions differ, that still should not be a problem, as I don't think it'd be too problematic to split the projects at a later point in developement. Both teams require a solid code and script framework, as well as soldiers, content and animations. How they are used in gameplay terms is minor and would be easy to tweak even very late in the dev process.

One big issue is I think that only Haribo and me to a lesser extent have good coding/scripting knowledge. Knowing how BF42 scripting works is nice, but is of little use in a more serious language such as Unrealscript. So until the framework is done, there's not really a lot to do in terms of setting up dynamic content. We really would just a need a single "base" for each type (one soldier char with full animations, one land/air vehicle, one map, etc.) and build a reusable frame on those. But we didn't even get that far...
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« Antworten #121 am: März 08, 2016, 15:32:21 »

You can also get a short manual for the key assignment. I hope my English is enough to understand me.

I think your English is far better than my German Smiley

Speaking of, is there a way to change my theme to English so I don't have to guess which buttons to press?

[Edit] I managed to find it on my own! I can read now.
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